How best to enjoy Virtuous Vodka is of course a matter of personal taste, but we recommend that you try it off the rocks at least once. By savoring it at room temperature, you will experience the vodka’s full palate and all of its flavor nuances. After you try it, we’re sure you will understand why we are so proud of our product.

Virtuous Vodka Rye | 40% alc./vol ( 80 proof)
Available in 700ml and 750ml sizes.
100% organic rye vodka. No added sugar or artificial ingredients. Just real taste.

Virtuous Vodka OUR PROCESS


We distill for taste, using a unique process based on the continuous distillation of organic rye. When distilling spirits, you generally cut away some of the head and some of the tail and use the so-called heart of the distillate for the final product. Virtuous Vodka uses only the very core of the heart of the distillate. This is what we call the-heart-of-the-heart.

Organic rye

Rye is chosen for its amazing properties and character. ​​Using organic rye in combination with our unique method results in a handcrafted vodka that is full of character, yet super smooth.

Made to taste

Virtuous Vodka’s character is full-bodied and smooth, with distinct brown bread flavors, black pepper rye spice, faint vanilla and fruity sweetness. It is excellent on its own, over ice or in a classic martini. But it will also taste amazing in any drink or cocktail.


Virtuous Vodka Rye is unfiltered. By using the method of continuous distillation and including only the heart-of-the-heart of high-quality distilled organic rye spirits, we achieve an amazing taste. We would never dare filter out any of our vodka’s character.


Virtuous Vodka Rye Recipes

Though Virtuous Vodka Rye is excellent on its own, it also makes a great cocktail ingredient. We hope you find something you like in these recipes.

Recipe // Vodka Rye

Rhubarb Sunset

Easy to make, easy to vary.

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Recipe // Vodka Rye Virtuous Sour

Virtuous Sour

Classic sour that can be made with all our vodkas.

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Recipe // Vodka Rye V Grapefruit Martini

V Grapefruit Martini

A Rye Martini with a light taste of fresh grapefruit.

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Recipe // Vodka Rye

V for Violet

Delicious and stunning!

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Recipe // Vodka Rye

Virtuous CJ

A fizzy vodka & carrot juice drink to keep things interesting and colorful.

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Recipe // Vodka Rye

Virtuous Pine Tonic

This is a different take on the classic vodka tonic, made with Virtuous Rye infused with spruce shoot.

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