Organic ingredients

Our flavors are created through the gentle maceration of organic fruits and botanicals—a rare and complex method of production that is completely natural. We don’t compromise on taste, even if it means going against industry standards that favor clear flavored vodkas. Our flavors are beautifully colored by their raw ingredients.

Virtuous Vodka OUR VODKA


A handcrafted, organic rye vodka. Full of character, yet super smooth. Excellent on its own or in any drink and cocktail.


Virtuous Vodka Chili is made with organic chili peppers. It is has an aromatic flavor with a bite to it. It will give a kick to any drink you make.


Virtuous Vodka Ginger is made with organic ginger. It has a truly remarkable authentic and fresh ginger flavor. If you’re a fan of ginger – you will love Virtuous Ginger.


Virtuous Vodka Raspberry is made with organic raspberries. Nothing more, nothing less. Somewhat like a great wine, it will mature over time developing into a more complex flavor.

Bitter Lemon

Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon is made with organic lemons. It is a completely different take on lemon vodka with a wonderfully sharp yet sweet aroma.


Drinks &

It’s easy to make a tasty drink with any of the Virtuous Vodka products. Just pour it directly into a highball glass with ice, add your favorite mixers and squeeze in a little bit of fresh lime. But if you want to elevate your home bartender game, we’ve got you covered. Hope you find something you like among these recipes, created by talented bartenders.

Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Bitter Lemon Ice Tea

Lemon, physalis and hibiscus flavors in a crowd pleasing refreshing drink.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Mint dream

Virtuous Bitter Lemon and elderberry flavor in a great combination.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

New Fashioned

An aromatic cocktail on the stiffer side.

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Recipe // Vodka Raspberry 12. Rustique on the Rocks by Johan Dinter

Rustique on the rocks

A stiff and aromatic Raspberry on the rocks.

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Recipe // Vodka Ginger Rory Weasley by Erik Aston TAK

Rory Weasley

Flavorful and tart cocktail with layers of pomerans and ginger.

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Recipe // Vodka Ginger Ingen Fara by Musslan

Ingen fara

Classic bar Musslan delivers a delicious drink with Virtuous Ginger and Bitter Lemon.

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