Bitter Lemon

With the careful method of maceration, the organic lemons release both the sweet and acidic lemon flavor from the yellow zest, and the distinct bitter from the lemon peel. The result is a completely different take on lemon vodka with a wonderfully sharp yet sweet aroma.

Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon
100% organic rye vodka flavored with organic lemons.
Gluten-free. Vegan. No added sugar or artificial ingredients. Just real taste.

38% alc.vol. (76 proof) in the US
40% alc./vol. in Europe.
Available in 700ml and 750ml sizes.

Virtuous Vodka OUR PROCESS

Made through gentle maceration

Virtuous Bitter Lemon is made through gentle maceration of real organic lemons. A rare and complex method of production that simplified means steeping the organic lemons in the organic rye spirits to release its flavor. We don’t compromise on taste, even if it means going against industry standards that favor clear flavored vodkas. Our flavors are beautifully colored by their raw ingredients.

Real organic lemons

Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon is made with real organic lemons, lending the vodka an unusually natural lemon taste. It also means that the product may contain a bit of sediment at the bottom. Don’t worry—these qualities are simply proof of our natural ingredients and production process, and the vodka is completely safe to consume. Just shake the bottle before using.

Excellent in a drink

Virtuous Bitter Lemon is great on its own as well as in drinks and cocktails. Try it with crushed ice and a sweet mixer like lemonade or iced tea.

No unnecessary stuff

Ingredients: Organic rye vodka, organic lemons.
Nothing more, nothing less.

No added sugar or artificial ingredients.
Just real taste.


Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon Recipes

Virtuous Bitter Lemon is great over ice on its own. But for those who prefer our vodka in a tasty cocktail, check out these recipes for inspiration.

Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Lemony Storm

Bitter Lemon and then some more lemon is used to make this delicious drink.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Lemon Lillet

An easy to make and deliciously aromatic cocktail.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Lemon Drop

Bitter Lemon, sweet and sour – easy and tasty.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Clearly Lemon Tonic

Upgrade your vodka tonic with Bitter Lemon and clarified lemon juice.

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Recipe // Vodka Bitter Lemon

Velvet Lemon

A Bitter Lemon cocktail with vanilla and passionfruit notes.

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