Virtuous Vodka Chili gets its wonderful, well-balanced flavor – between fruity and intensely hot – from the organic chili peppers it’s made with. The strength of the chili transforms into a splendid aromatic taste that stays with you for a moment. Virtuous Chili is excellent as a shot or in a cocktail.

Virtuous Vodka Chili
100% organic rye vodka flavored with organic chili.
No added sugar or artificial ingredients. Just real taste.

38% alc.vol. (76 proof) in the US
40% alc./vol. in Europe.
Available in 700ml and 750ml sizes.

Virtuous Vodka OUR PROCESS

Made through gentle maceration

Virtuous Chili is made through gentle maceration of organic chili peppers. Through this rare and complex production method we steep the organic chili peppers in the organic rye spirits to release their flavor. We don’t compromise on taste, even if it means going against industry standards that favor clear flavored vodkas. Our flavors are beautifully colored by their raw ingredients.

Organic chili peppers

Virtuous Chili is made with organic chili peppers. This provides a wonderful, well-balanced and authentic chili flavor.


If you’re looking for a twist on your classic Vodkatini, try making it with Virtuous Chili. It will also add an edge to a Bloody Mary.

No unnecessary stuff

Ingredients: Organic rye vodka, organic chili peppers. Nothing more, nothing less.

No added sugar or artificial ingredients.
Just real taste.


Virtuous Vodka Chili Recipes

Though Virtuous Vodka Chili is excellent on its own, it also makes a great cocktail ingredient. We hope you find something you like in these recipes.

Recipe // Vodka Chili Chili Martini Johan Dinter

Chili Martini

A sophisticated Chili and cucumber martini.

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Recipe // Vodka Chili Chili Flower by Brasserie Bouquet Linköping

Chili Flower

Chili and elderberry in a delicious combination.

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Recipe // Vodka Chili


Easy to make – Virtuous Chili and lemon flavours

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Recipe // Vodka Chili

Dirty Chili Martini

A dirty martini made with Virtuous Chili and Rye.

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Recipe // Vodka Chili Wake me up drink

Wake Me Up

Virtuous Chili, espresso and coconut cream.

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Recipe // Vodka Chili

Virtuous Togarashi

The Japanese spice togarashi on the glass rim gives this cocktail an extra edge.

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